Serving the South Bay for more than 25 years

We offer a range of contracting, consulting and abatement services in the fields of ASBESTOS, LEAD and MOLD. Our firm and its associates specialize in the knowledge of local construction methods and building materials; with extensive knowledge of the areas’ history and local builders. Our services are primarily oriented to cleaning up toxic or hazardous building materials as well as preparation for demolition of a residential and commercial structures.


With more than 25 years of experience, each of our supervisors in the field have worked their way up from being a basic laborer to running multiple crews at once. Our supervisors keep a hands on approach for each of their job sites and are committed to each project. Asbestos remediation is not something you rush and our guys know exactly how to deal with each situation, big or small.


This is something that is not really talked about in the construction industry and is a lot of the time over looked. With more than 70% of residential homes built before 1960 and 40% of the homes between the 70’s and 80’s, containing lead levels which high enough to cause health issues our experts here at Hi Tech can help you establish a plan to safely remediate the problems with your property.


With the mold remediation industry having no true licenses needed to perform abatement, we treat the microbial growth the same as we would friable asbestos, and we are licensed to do so! From hazardous material and biological clean up and demolition; to water damage and fire restoration our associates have seen it all. With safety being our #1 priority we never cut corners and always go above and beyond offering a clearance test with each mold job.